Frequently Asked Questions

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Digestive Health with the Biotics Spray

Digestive Health

BreakThru® Biotics

Q: What is BreakThru® Biotics Probiotic Food Spray?
A: BreakThru Biotics is a superspray for dogs. It is a natural, multi-strain probiotic spray that helps supports digestive health. It contains 12 strains of live and active probiotics.

Q: How do I feed BreakThru® Biotics Probiotic Food Spray?
A: Dog's love the taste! Simply spray on your dog’s food once a day, every day based on the weight of your dog.
Up to 20 lbs – 2 sprays
21-30 – 3 sprays
31-60 – 4 sprays
61-90 – 5 sprays
91 and up – 6 sprays

Q: How many sprays are in BreakThru® Biotics bottle?
A: BreakThru® Biotics is a 4 oz bottle that roughly has 180 sprays. It will last anywhere from one month to 3 months depending on the size of your dog.

Q: Where do I buy BreakThru® Biotics?
A: BreakThru® Biotics is available at select stores. Visit our store locator here.

Q: Is BreakThru Biotics made in the USA?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I don't live near a store that sells BreakThru® Biotics?
A: Please fill out the Contact Us form and we will notify you when BreakThru® Biotics is available in your area. We respect your privacy and will not share or sell your contact information.

Q: I am using other digestive health products. Can I also use BreakThru® Biotics?
A: Yes, you can feed it along with other products you are using.