BreakThru Superfood


We know your dog is a member of your family and that is why we have been committed to the health and well-being of dogs for almost 70 years.


About Us

Bil-Jac has been in business since 1947 when Bill & Jack Kelly created a revolutionary dog food diet that featured fresh meat proteins as the main ingredients. They knew that dogs, having evolved from carnivores, would be healthy and thrive on a meat-based diet. This was a very different philosophy from other dog foods at the time, many of which were grained-based diets. Bill & Jack Kelly knew the right high-quality ingredients, gently processed to help preserve key nutrients, could make a difference in the health of dogs.

Now, Bil-Jac has once again developed a revolutionary new product line with BreakThru® Joint Health and BreakThru Biotics® Probiotic Food Spray Formulas. Both products are a synergistic combination of high quality, nutritional ingredients that help support the health of your dog. BreakThru is one of the most exciting product lines we have developed.

Learn more about BreakThru Digestive Formula here.

Learn more about BreakThru Joint Health Formula here and the BreakThru Digestive Formula here.